Exclusive Colours

The services provided by Colores are got under way to tie in with market requirements. Quality is our main objective and also: Customer service:

Colours gives a personal and close level of service. Apart from using the standard colour range for the market, the firm has a personalised service to suit each of our customers. Colores’ philosophy has always been to work in a personalised way with each of our products, whether these are colours or glazes, as regards shades and technical characteristics. We adjust the models for each customer so that the final result is always different and personal. That is why the human resources at our company are enthusiastically dedicated to the task of producing a quality product through work at the two laboratories for colours and glazes.

Technical service

Getting the service under way

Delivery time for the products. Colores is one of the top companies on the market as regards the speed of its deliveries to our customers.

Express service. Our company has very extensive stocks of pigments, both of base colours and for security or deposits for its customers. The firm’s response capacity is very fast, which means it can keep the customer’s loyalty and trust, ultimately the driving force of this company. Production capacity is one of our strong points. To this end Colores uses modern machinery to ensure it stays right in the avant-garde of the sector.