Colores the natural way

Colores has since its beginnings had a specially sensitive approach to the environment. This is vouched for by integrated environmental certificate ISO 14001. At this company, in its location in Onda, we take great care not only with external emissions but also with work costs. Respect for the environment is a commitment, not only on the external side, but also internally. Our laboratories always work hard to choose the least contaminating raw materials in an effort to combine quality and sustainability.

Colores’ management is committed to quality, respect and protection for the environment, and assumes working this way as its daily challenge. That is why our success is grounded on our quality assurance system and environmental management, in order to ensure day by day improvement of the quality of our products, reduce the costs of non-quality, increase our production, continuously improve our service and care for our customers and consider the environmental repercussions that our work has on the environment in all our processes.

Our quality and environmental policy is one of our basic pillars: a policy whose basic aims are to satisfy the customer, and our staff, assuming the utmost commitment to protecting the environment and improving the way we do our work. The basic principle upholding this whole policy is that of complying with laws and standards for protecting the environment which affect us in our sphere of work.